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Press Releases(Chicago, IL | June 8, 2015): Preorders for Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic starts today!

The world is steeped in magic.

It is everywhere, inhabits everything, and fuels the desires of many.

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic is your guide to magic. Not only will you discover new spells and new alchemical arts, but also new options to add to your games. What options?

  • New skills
  • Rules on ether pools and ley lines
  • New magical options such as counter spelling and blood magic
  • Domain magic: Magic that allows you to harness the inherent magic that flows through the land and effects the entire domain
  • Rune magic: A long forgotten art that channels ether through inscribed runes
  • Rules for the creation of random items of magical power

Pick what you want, ignore what you donít like, or use it all. Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic is designed to enhance your magical game.

If you preorder today you get not only the PDF, but the Kindle and ePub version automatically. Books will be shipping within two weeks.

To order your copy visit the Rogue Games Online Store today!

RGG 3004
120 pages, B&W softcover
$16.99 (Print) / $6.99 (PDF, ePub or Kindle)

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