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Hex Games has just released Hobomancer Companion, the first supplement for the ENnie Award-winning* Hobomancer. Hobomancer, which uses the QAGS Second Edition system, concerns the adventures of a secret society of hobo magicians who ride the rails and keep the world’s songlines in balance.
On this subject, noted hobomancer Sidetrack Stevens commented, “So, kid, you think you know all there is to know about hobomancers? Sassafras! You ain’t know but two things—doodley and squat. You say you know about train whisperers and stinkomancers? Shoot, everybody’s heard of them, but you ain’t never met a flame singer, a hoboserker, or the fabled beardomancer. And monsters? Ha! Boogey men and hodags is one thing, but they ain’t nothing like sneaky snakes and Draculas. Now sit your backside down, kid, and let me learn you wise.”

In the Hobomancer Companion, players and GMs will find new lore to help out their heroes, as well as new menaces to challenge their courage and skills. The Companion includes new hobomancer powers and secret hobomancer signs; new monsters and sample evil sorcerers; an explanation of Histories, an optional rule GMs and players can use to quickly build relationships and back-stories between PCs; and the complete adventure “Bad Train a-Coming.”

The Hobomancer Companion—as well as Hobomancer, the QAGS Second Edition core rulebook, Sharktoberfest, and more— can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $4.99.

For those who have not yet purchased Hobomancer but want to know more, the Hobomancer Preview is available for download at, and at the finer PDF sales sites, absolutely free.

Hobomancer Companion is written and illustrated by Joshua LH Burnett, with additional illustrations by Jeffrey Johnson. To learn more about the multi-talented Mr. Burnett, visit his blog at, and to see more of Mr. Johnson’s work, visit

*2013 Silver ENnie Award for “Best Electronic Book”

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