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Rogue Games, Inc. licenses Colonial Gothic to Mystical Throne Entertainment.

(Chicago) June 17, 2013: Rogue Games issued the first license today for its popular Colonial Gothic historical horror game. Mystical Throne Entertainment plans to create and publish a series of tabletop roleplaying adventures set in the world of Colonial Gothic


The year is 1745. The lure of open land, religious freedom, and commercial opportunity prompts many to leave their homes in England for the North American colonies. Others cross the Atlantic for other reasons - reasons that would trouble both government and Church, if they but knew.

Beneath the everyday world lies a world of the unknown. Few suspect it exists, and fewer still have experienced it. It is whispered that Indian shamans can teach you many things if they deem you worthy. There are rumors of hidden treasures: relics of times long gone, holding unimaginable power. The hidden secrets of the universe, some say, dwell in hidden places surrounded by countless perils. Some of these accounts, to be sure, are no more than wild tales - but you know that not all are fables. You are determined to uncover the secrets of centuries past and harness their forgotten powers.

The way will not be easy, that much is certain. The New World holds many dangers: some threaten with tooth and claw and others with dark powers of unimaginable evil. And you are not the only ones searching. The Templars and the Freemasons struggle for control of the strings of government; witch-finders terrorize the guilty and innocent alike; native peoples fight to protect their lands and their way of life; and creatures out of nightmare stalk the dark woods and high mountains. But those who prevail will hold power enough to scorn kings and empires, and command wealth beyond reckoning. Those who prevail will have their hands upon the tiller of history.

This is the New World, and you aim to uncover its true secrets.

This is Colonial Gothic.

New World is a Colonial Gothic campaign based in New England in the mid-1700s. Newly arrived from England to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the player characters are relic hunters, adventurers, and esoteric scholars. The familiar lands of England hold few remaining secrets for delvers into the unknown, but the New World offers limitless possibilities. However, these unexplored and uncivilized lands of also offer danger in equal measure.

"I am very excited about the plan Aaron brought to us for the New World campaign," said Richard Iorio II, owner of Rogue Games. "Mystical Throne Entertainment is a first-rate company with a great reputation for quality products, and I am very happy to have them working on material for Colonial Gothic."

"I love alternate history settings, especially those that incorporate elements of fantasy and horror. When I first got my hands on Colonial Gothic, I knew I wanted to create a campaign for it someday." said Aaron T. Huss, owner of Mystical Throne Entertainment. "I'm a big fan of Rogue Games and am excited to be working with the Colonial Gothic license."

Rogue Games, Inc.
Founded in 2007, Rogue Games is the publisher of the tabletop roleplaying games Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell. Colonial Gothic, the game of horror and conspiracy in early America, has been nominated for multiple awards; its rulebooks and adventures regularly garner 4- and 5-star reviews. Rogue Games products can be purchased from all good hobby game retailers or direct from

Mystical Throne Entertainment
Founded in 2011, Mystical Throne Entertainment is the publisher of Savage Worlds tabletop roleplaying game setting Faith & Demons: The Rising, Judgment Day, Mercenary Breed, and Ancient World. They are also developing the upcoming fantasy horror, multi-era alternate history setting known as Shadowed Earth. Mystical Throne Entertainment also publishes the Savage Worlds magazine Savage Insider and runs the tabletop roleplaying news website Roleplayers Chronicle. For more information, visit

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