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Press ReleasesHex Games launches its aggressive 2010 release schedule with Happilyeverafter, a game where pimps mingle with princesses, where “Little Red Riding Hood” meets The Maltese Falcon.
The ads make it all look so slick. “Bored with your humdrum existence in Fairytaleland? Come experience the wonder of Happilyeverafter. And remember: what happens in Happilyeverafter stays in Happilyeverafter.” Notice how they don’t mention the seedier side of this pixie-dust
paradise? That’s where you come in, ‘cause Happilyeverafter is your beat.

Happilyeverafter is a fairytale noir game designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules. It includes descriptions of the city, GM tips on running a fairytale noir game, a GMC Cast Assignment Sheet, and the sample adventure “The Honeydaddy Affair.”

Happilyeverafter–as well as the QAGS rulebook, Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown, Laser Ponies, and more--can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites.

For those who would like to sample QAGS before they buy it, the QAGS Qik Start Rules, which include everything you need to play Happilyeverafter, are available for download at, absolutely free.

Happilyeverafter is written by Hex’s scholar of the unusual Ian Engle, and illustrated by the multi-talented Joshua LH Burnett.

Tail more fairies. Have more fun!

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