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Tabletop Adventures releases Deck O' Names - Japanese
Tabletop Adventures' newest product, Japanese Deck O' Names, is now available. A software version of this product will be released in coming weeks. Both products include Kanji and name translation features, increasing its usefulness.
January 5, 2007 (Lincoln, NE) — Generate authentic Japanese names for people and places with Tabletop Adventures’ new Deck O' Names – Japanese. Producing Japanese-style names for samurai, geishas, anime characters, dynasties and exotic locales is definitely in the cards with this fun and easy to use product. Get it now and satisfy all your Japanese naming needs.

Devising names is one area where players and GMs alike often experience writer's block. To generate a single name on the fly, desperate GMs have been known to look no further than the nearest bag of snacks on the table. When it comes to producing name after name, the creativity may wear thin! For generating culturally authentic or fantasy-oriented names in a hurry, Tabletop Adventures' Deck O' Names products are particularly useful. Portable, simple and fun, these decks come in handy over and over again.

Match any beginning name segment with an appropriate ending name segment to obtain an authentic name. In the Deck O’ Names – Japanese, all name segments are also given in Japanese Kanji characters, along with their translations. This offers the historical connoisseur or budding Japanophile the opportunity to add even more flavor to their game. In addition, details on Japanese naming customs, culture and history are included to help harried Game Masters and players alike give an authentic feel to quasi-Japanese settings.

The amount of supplementary information provided in the Deck O' Names – Japanese is one of the strong points of the product, providing expanded utility for gamers, casual historians or amateur linguists. Included in the Deck O' Names – Japanese is a feature unique to Japanese culture. Seimei Handan is a practice from the Edo Period in Japan (in some cases it is still drawn on today), used to construct names of good fortune or suggest when a name may be especially unlucky. This feature just cries out to be used to generate a suitably unfortunate name for a particularly unsavory character.

Each 100-card Deck can generate thousands of unique name combinations, providing a big bang for the buck. Designer Amy Vander Vorste's elegant product design and the high quality standards of Tabletop Adventures are certainly demonstrated in this latest release. This print-and-cut Deck is available now via RPGNow, the EN World Download Shop or DriveThruRPG.

If you prefer using a laptop at the gaming table, watch for the upcoming release of the Deck O’ Names – Japanese software tool by Tabletop Adventures. With this name generation software utility, you can generate, sort and print up to 1000 names with a few clicks of a button. The generator also includes Kanji and name segment translation features, increasing its usefulness. The software product is slated for release in January 2007.

Need help in generating fantasy or futuristic male and female names? Try the original Deck O' Names. Fantasy-style place names can be found in the Deck O’ Names Anglo Saxon Places, and if you need culturally diverse modern names, check out the Deck O' Names – Modern for complete first- and last-name pairs. Augment your imagination with products from Tabletop Adventures. Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!
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2007-01-05 23:43:10
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