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Issue: 84

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Pulp Gamer Suggests Games for Christmas
Benson, Arizona, November 23, 2006 - Pulp Gamer reminds gamers to reach out this Christmas season with the gift of gaming. A well selected board game will keep the family engaged for hours after the gifts are unwrapped and the dishes dry up in the sink. The latest episode of "Out of Character", a podcast produced by, is intended to prepare all listeners with their shopping lists and direct them to support their local game store.

"We often get wrapped in into our own thing and forget to reach out," says podcast producer Don Dehm. "Christmas is the next opportunity to do that."

Podcasting is one of the latest movements of the internet allowing users to download talk shows on increasingly more specific content. The inexpensive medium is also expanding the voice of the non-electronic game industry into a population that has adopted a lifestyle of portable entertainment. Pulp Gamer plans to leverage any opportunity it can to reach this population and build the gaming community.

"Everyone loves to play games," says podcast personality Derek Rex. "Most people just don't know about the great games out there today."

Podcast personality Jeremiah Lynch adds, "Non-electronic games are a socially constructive and healthy brain food for everyone."

About Pulp Gamer

Pulp Gamer has been producing podcasts since July of 2005. Now with three weekly podcasts, Kings Court provides game reviews, Inside Track includes interviews with industry professionals, and Out of Character covers special topics and miscellaneous commentary on the game industry. More information can be found at

Contact: Don A. Dehm, Podcast Producer, Pulp Gamer, +1-520-236-6996 or
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2006-11-23 14:01:34
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