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'Wild Talents' Available for Bulk Orders
Arc Dream Publishing offers limited collectors' first edition of long-awaited RPG at a bulk discount for interested retailers and wholesalers.

November 15, 2006

Birmingham, Ala. -- After interest expressed by stores and individual gamers alike in the limited first edition of "Wild Talents: Superhero Roleplaying in a World Gone Mad," Arc Dream Publishing is making it available for bulk orders at a discount -- while it lasts. With only 1,000 copies in print, the first edition of "Wild Talents" is expected to sell fast.

With a unit cover price of $39.95, "Wild Talents" is available in a 12-book case for $399.95. Shipping to a U.S. address is free via USPS parcel post. For expedited or international shipping, please inquire. All orders must be prepaid.

"Wild Talents" is a complete roleplaying game (240 pages, hardcover, full-color), written by Dennis Detwiller, Greg Stolze, Kenneth Hite and Shane Ivey, with stunning illustrations by Christopher Shy, Samuel Araya and Todd Shearer.

"Wild Talents" ships to all buyers on December 18, 2006.

To place an order, please contact Shane Ivey at or (205) 296-6670.

Contact Information:
Shane Ivey
Managing editor, Arc Dream Publishing


When superpowered Talents appeared during World War II, no one suspected it was only the first faltering steps of the human mind freed from the prison of reality. Then, after the war, Talents appeared who could do the impossible without interference from others of their kind. The age of Wild Talents had arrived!

Wild Talents is built around Greg Stolze's "One-Roll Engine." To resolve action, each player rolls one pool of no more than 10 dice. That one roll gives the full details for every action a character takes -- it tells you who goes first, who succeeds, and how well. In combat, initiative, attack success or failure, hit location and damage are all determined from one quick scan of the dice.

That makes every encounter in Wild Talents quick and exciting, and the rules ensure that the stakes match the tone of your campaign. The game is fully customizable to any tone of play, from four-color slugfests to gritty, suspenseful adventures where even a run-of-the-mill streetfight with the bad guys can make the heroes just a little nervous.
Character generation in Wild Talents is likewise fast and flexible. Players have a handful of stats to start with, an archetype system to define the nature of each character's superhuman abilities, and an intuitive power creation system that lets you quickly create literally any superpower you can imagine.

In addition to the innovative rules set created by Greg Stolze, Wild Talents includes a chapter on creating superheroic stories and settings by alternate-history expert and comics sage Kenneth Hite. Dennis Detwiller takes us deeper into the world of Godlike, from the end of World War II to the strange years afterward as superpowered Talents slowly changed the world. And a complete adventure by Shane Ivey helps you start a Wild Talents game right away.

Artists Christopher Shy (Mage: The Ascension, The World of Darkness, Armageddon: The End Times), Sam Araya (Unknown Armies, Vampire: The Requiem) and Todd Shearer offer a full-color glimpse into a superheroic world unlike none you've ever seen before.


Origins Award winner Dennis Detwiller is best known as co-creator of Delta Green, the 1997 classic of horror gaming that is still widely hailed as the finest roleplaying game supplement of all time. Along with Greg Stolze he created the acclaimed GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946. As a videogame designer for Radical Entertainment he has developed such hits as Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Scarface.

Game designer and novelist Greg Stolze, creator of the "One-Roll Engine" used in Godlike and Wild Talents, is co-creator of Atlas Games' cult (and occult) classic Unknown Armies. He is a frequent contributor to White Wolf's Vampire: The Requiem game line.

Kenneth Hite is author of numerous games from Steve Jackson Games, Atlas Games, White Wolf Games and many others. He was an author and developer of the Star Trek Roleplaying Game and a number of supplements for GURPS and Unknown Armies. He writes "Suppressed Transmissions," a column of strange and alternate history, for Pyramid Online and the RPG industry column "Out of the Box" for Gaming Report.

Shane Ivey is managing editor of Arc Dream Publishing and editor, webmaster and page designer for Avalanche Press. In addition to his game design he has edited and written for many magazines, newspapers and high-profile Web sites.

Wild Talents will be available in late 2006 exclusively from
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