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Issue: 82

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Polymancer Gets in Character for #11

The only general gaming magazine in print focuses its keen edge on Player Characters

Polymancer Gets in Character for #11

The only general gaming magazine in print focuses its keen edge on Player Characters

(MONTREAL)--In a radical departure from the standard content of GM/DM cenetered gaming magazines, the eleventh issue of Polymancer® magazine features articles geared towards players as opposed to gamemasters.

The featured articles focus on character development and roleplaying. This issue's Gauntlet feature, "Playing the Role," has tips on how players can roleplay characters that are unlike how the player is in "real life." The Plot Fodder feature, entitled "Don't Quit Your Day Job," introduces the idea of non-adventuring careers for characters to supplement their adventuring personas in any campaign setting.

"This is something different, not only for Polymancer, but for game magazines in general," said a spokesman. "A lot of people think all the onus for creativity and preparation is on the gamemaster but that is just not true. These two articles prove it, and that's why they are in our featured sections this month. Let's face it, there are more players than GMs out there and we have to recognize that in our content, without diluting the quality of the magazine one bit, I might add."

This month's issue of Polymancer contains all the usual features and more.


  • Jousting With Words: Editorial
  • The Lich's Niche: "I'm With Cupid." Keep the romantic innuendos away from the gaming table
  • Tech Talk: "Mapping: The Concept." Flow charts, concept maps, and other useful visual planning tools for campaigns.
  • Quotable Quotes™ See funny quotes from your games turned into a comic (
  • Spotlight On... "Cthulhu: Filming The Unspeakable (In MythoScope)." Polymancer interviews Sean Branney, producer of a film adaptation of The Call Of Cthulhu that is faithful to the period.
  • Cheap Minis Guy™ Gets on Base. Feature for miniatures collectors and wargamers alike. Make your minis' bases wider for nearly no cost (with instructional photos).
  • Gauntlet: "Playing the Role." How to roleplay a character who is totally different from the player.
  • Scenario: "Pathfinder." A complete hardcore science fiction adventure for use with your favorite sci-fi RPG rules system. Earth embarks upon its first interstellar mission and for the crew things are far from routine.
  • Plot Fodder: "Don't Quit Your Day Job." There is no such thing as a "professional adventurer" in many genres. Adding a day job to your character sheet will not only make your character more realistic, but can also enrich a campaign to the delight of your gamemaster.
  • Board Game Review: Venus Needs Men by Synelix Games
  • Dice Quest™ (Comic)

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.

Polymancer Studios is a publishing company, a printer, a graphic design house, and a multimedia company. We specialize in different areas of the publishing, game development and game entertainment industries. As well we provide development, design, and print services to new and existing games companies. Polymancer Studios publishes Polymancer magazine, the only system-independent, multi-genre, general gaming magazine in print, the newsletter Polyglotâ„¢, as well as several other publications.

Polymancer Studios's other projects in development include a series of roleplaying games and supplements, several board games, a complete line of miniature, supplements, and rules packs, several computer games, and other related software applications.

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