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Issue: 79

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Dark Matter Studios Opens Epic RPG Web Store and Releases Free Adventure
Bozeman, MT - October 11, 2006. The makers of Epic RPG have recently redesigned their website to accommodate a new web store, which will stock Epic Role Playing products, as well as offering special discounts and exclusive free downloads to frequenters of the site. In celebration of the opening, Dark Matter is also releasing its free tutorial adventure, The Weird of Skellbrith, as a high-quality .pdf.

Special offers include a $15 discount on a starter pack of the Epic RPG game manuals, almost a twenty percent discount from the retail price.

The web store will also stock a selection of .pdf files, the first of which Dark Matter Studios is releasing with the opening. The free download of the tutorial adventure The Weird of Skellbrith is now available, set in the gritty environs of a struggling village in the far northern lands of the tribal Fost peoples.

Twenty years ago, in a fit of jealous rage, the jarl of Beohald murdered all the bards of his village. Beohald struggles under the curse of his actions to this day. Opportunity knocks when the war canoes of a great warleader slide onto the shore of the fjord. The new jarl must choose to send his warriors into the taboo Skellbrith Pass to retrieve an ancient relic, or the general will walk his men through the village, to the pass, ankle deep in blood.

About Epic Role Playing - Epic RPG is a versatile, skill-based fantasy RPG: intense and fast-paced tactical combat, six innovative branches of magic, and culturally based character development.

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2006-10-14 15:12:06
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