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ComStar Games 'Looks to the Future' with MÖBIUM

September 18, 2006 -- ComStar Games ComStar Games (Salem, OR) and Dreadnought Media (Kingston, ON) are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership to publish and develop the MÖBIUM RPG line of game products.

MÖBIUM is a ‘hard’ Science Fiction RPG setting with a heavy emphasis on economic and social stratification. Characters are immersed in a rigid class system that is dominated by omnipresent corporate entities and regulating authorities. Their struggle --To live and dream in lock-step with the social order…Or become one of the UnRegulated.

The initial sourcebook will be enhanced by Guardians of Order’s critically acclaimed Tri-Stat rules system, which utilizes effects-based character creation and conflict resolution. This will be followed by a series of companion books designed to allow integration and interaction with the social and economic forces that shape the lives of all End Users in the Future of MÖBIUM.

Beyond the publication of the setting, ComStar Games will be playing an active advisory role in developing the MÖBIUM brand line, opening up the setting to multiple media platforms, and maintaining a high level of quality and accessibility for the gaming public.

ComStar Representative William Andersen comments: “When I first learned about the basic premise behind MÖBIUM, I was very interested in becoming involved in the project. Gamers that are interested in a game that provides more than just ‘hack and slash’ are going to love this game! Daniel’s commitment to producing the best possible game has been inspirational. With all candor, I don’t know if I am more excited about this game being complete so we can get it to market, or so that I can play it!”

Dreadnought Creative Director Daniel Beals adds: “From the first point of contact with ComStar Games, I had a feeling that we were a ‘natural fit’. But the key to putting this agreement together was the willingness of both parties to take the time to engage in a period of discussion and planning. It was through that process that I came to realize the common ground we share, as far as the philosophy and ideology behind creating and marketing an RPG line.

ComStar has expressed the desire to produce game materials with an eye towards creative exploration and intellectual stimulation and this is exactly what I have been trying to instill into the MÖBIUM project. I conceived MÖBIUM with the intention to create a Science Fiction setting that will stand out in the RPG industry as unique and inherently bold. I realize that this is a lofty goal, and ultimately the proof will lie in the finished product and the reception it receives from the gaming public.

If such a thing is possible, I have no doubt that ComStar Games and myself will be able to work together to try to deliver on those key fronts. They are giving me the opportunity to succeed on my creative terms, and for that, I cannot thank them enough.”

Further information can be found both now and in the Future at the respective company sites (below).


Dreadnought Media is a Canadian game design studio based out of Kingston, ON. The MÖBIUM RPG is the company's first development project, and is tentatively scheduled for release in August 2007. For more information, please visit www MobiumRPG net.

ComStar Games is a division of ComStar Media, LLC, a family owned company based in Salem, Oregon. ComStar publishes a line of fiction and role-playing games from a variety of genres. Information about ComStar Games can be found at www ComStar-Games com.

Tri-Stat is the property of Guardians of Order.

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