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Hekaforge Productions Division of Inner City Games Designs Releases The Exotic Realms of Hazgar

For Immediate Release


Lake Villa, IL – The Hekaforge Productions division of Inner City Games Designs announces the release of The Exotic Realms of Hazgar, the next in an ongoing serious of Lejendary Earth™ world sourcebooks.


Written by Gary Gygax and Christopher Clark, The Exotic Realms of Hazgar details the ‘asian’ continent of Gary Gygax’s most recent fantasy realm.  More than just facts and figures, this sourcebook also contains hundreds of ‘springboards’ for adventure including myths, legends, treasures and tales of local horrors and notable hazards. Packed with information, The Exotic Realms of Hazgar is a must for both traveler/adventurer and Game Master alike.

“We’ve found that while the fan base for the Lejendary Adventure™ is somewhat narrower than we had at first hoped, players love

Gary's world,” remarked Chris Clark of Hekaforge/Inner City Games Designs.  “Many role-players use the Lejendary Earth™ sourcebooks as a basis for their games even though they use other systems to actually play.”

The Lejendary Earth and the Lejendary Adventure™ are trademarks of Trigee Corporation and are published under license by Hekaforge Productions division of Inner City Games Designs.  The Lejendary Adventure™ is the newest role-playing game system from the mind of Gary Gygax, while the Lejendary Earth™ is a fantasy campaign world suitable for use with any RPG system.  Two other books are already available detailing portions of this world, and two more are scheduled for release before the end of 2007, finishing the series.

The Exotic Realms of Hazgar is 110 pages, soft cover perfect bound book with an MSRP of $19.95.  It is written by Gary Gygax and Christopher Clark, with layout by Christopher

Clark, and art from Martin Siesto and Devarre Clarce.

More information about the Lejendary Adventure and the Lejendary Earth as well as Inner City Games Designs and Hekaforge productions can be found at as well as through Troll Lord Games at, or directly at



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