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Synelix Games Releases Venus Needs Men Board Game
Dobbs Ferry, NY (August 24, 2006) -- Synelix Games announced today that it has begun shipping its new 1950s pulp SF board game, Venus Needs Men!

Each player takes the role of an alien species racing to send their spaceships to Earth, where they attempt to capture or destroy as much as possible of Earth's helpless population for their own nefarious purposes. Venus needs men as slaves; Mars wants to extract human brains to run their machines; Ganymede thinks humans taste delicious; Titan seeks host bodies to parasitize; and the xenophobic robots of Pluto want to exterminate all humans. Another player can help Earth get their people to safety in a Secret Underground Refuge.

The game is fast-paced and rules-light, but has plenty of opportunity for player interaction. Each planet has unique technology and special abilities, from the Martians' mind control powers to the dreaded disintegrator beams of Pluto and the unpredictable Venusian Q-ray. Even the puny Earthlings are able to scavenge technology from wrecked alien spaceships. A deck of whimsically illustrated "Zap" cards lets players thwart each other's plans and make surprise comebacks.

"Venus Needs Men! was inspired by the classic SF stories, comics and movies of the 1950s," says designer John Velonis. "I wanted to include the classic elements of alien invasions and put them all together -- sexy space babes, little green men with big brains, parasitic creatures like Heinlein's puppet masters, and of course unstoppable killer robots. Many people who have tried demos at Origins and GenCon have been very enthusiastic about the combination of humor, setting, and gameplay."

The game retails for $29.95 and can support two to six players, ages 12 and up. Playing time is typically about an hour and a half. Basic rules provide an easy introduction to the game, while Enhanced rules add special abilities for more play options. Each game includes a 20"x20" full-color mounted gameboard, 76 cards, 30 spaceships, 125 population chips, three 10-sided dice, and a rulebook.

To order, or for more information, visit the game's website at -- features include an online playable demo, strategy tips, forums, and more.

John Velonis
Synelix Games
Posted on:
2006-08-24 14:19:14
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