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Issue: 59

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Polymancer Issue #10 is in stores now!
New issue features new miniatures game and “Great Campaigns” theme.

MONTREAL—There is something special in the latest issue of Polymancer® magazine. This month, there is a complete miniatures combat system, PUMMEL™ (Pick-Up Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn) along with three combat engagements to play it with.
  A spokesman explained how this all came about. “Up to now our Miniatures feature articles have been about painting minis, not so much about gaming with them. We thought it would be great to have whole miniatures combat scenarios in the magazine too, especially if they could be wrapped up into a roleplaying game. So we came up with PUMMEL and believe me, the game lives up to its name. It’s fast, it’s very simple, and it has enough detail in its rules to satisfy your need for strategy too.”
  PUMMEL uses a “one roll, one result” system for attack resolution. A single roll of a d10 determines both whether or not the attack hit and whether or not the target dies or if the target has been temporarily incapacitated. A comprehensive, yet intuitive, list of dice modifiers is used to simulate different weapons, armor, and other factors that affect combat.
  This issue also has two feature articles with original thoughts on designing campaigns.

Issue 10 contents

  • Jousting With Words: Editorial about recent troubles in the game business.

  • The Lich’s Niche — “Why, why, why, didn’t I take the BLUE pill!?”: Why nobody has made a roleplaying game based on The Matrix.

  • PUMMEL: Complete rules for Polymancer’s Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn game.

  • Spotlight on: Steve Trustrum of Misfit Studios. He’s written for Palladium Books, Atlas Games, and Green Ronin just to name a few. His own company just turned a year old. Steve Trustrum reflects on his life as a freelancer and offers us a glimpse of what the future has in store for Misfit Studios in this interview.

  • Gauntlet — “Top 10 Things Not To Do When Planning An RPG Campaign.” A frank and often controversial look at the ways many gamemasters can needlessly overcomplicate their games.

  • Quotable Quotes™ — Gamers say the funniest things. Sometimes and our artists are ready to turn their repartee into comic fun (submit gaming quotes to
  • Scenario — “Operation Burning Chain.” A complete military adventure that can be played as an RPG (using Mojo or any other RPG), as a miniatures wargame (using the PUMMEL rules provided in this issue or another miniatures combat system), or both.
    This was supposed to be a simple mission, a “police action” on an alien planet. Then the locals attacked, a shuttle crashed, and things are falling apart faster than you can say “no one gets left behind!”
    Three full maps are available right now at in the “downloads” section.

  • Plot Fodder — “Secrets Of The Dramatic Ensemble.”: The campaign with over a dozen player characters is easier to run than you think. Just do it like they do it on TV.

  • Designer Interview: Richard Taillon. The designer of “The Only Sheet” for D&D™ 3.5.

  • Dice Quest™: NEW Comic Feature! If our dice could talk, we’d be laughing.

  Volume #1, issue #10 of Polymancer magazine will be exhibited at FanExpo in Toronto, September 1 to September 3 2006. Demos of PUMMEL will be run at times to be announced at the convention.

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.
  Polymancer® Studios is a publishing company, a printer, a graphic design house, and a multimedia company. We specialize in different areas of the publishing, game development and game entertainment industries. As well we provide development, design, and print services to new and existing games companies. Polymancer Studios publishes Polymancer magazine, the only system-independent, multi-genre, general gaming magazine in print, the newsletter Polyglot™, and upcoming quarterly adventure fiction digest Polygraff™.
  Polymancer Studios’s other projects in development include three roleplaying games, several board games, a complete line of miniatures games, computer games, and business software.
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