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Issue: 53

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Technomancer Press Arms RPG Players
SEATTLE - RPG columnist David Goodner kicks off new meta-RPG series for Technomancer Press.

Technomancer Press, LLC is launching a new RPG Theory line--books about playing beyond just win/lose or min/max.  The first book,due out August 25th, is "The Play's the Thing", a collaboration with columnist David Goodner, RPGnet, and Technomancer Press.  "The Play's the Thing" features 100 pages of advice for players and GMs looking to get into character.

David writes, "The Play's The Thing is about a player's job in an RPG", and provides an interesting way of looking at playing RPGs. This collection features entries from David's long-running RPGnet column and makes for ideal late summer reading.  "We feel that gamers are also readers" states Sandy Antunes, Chief Information Officer for Technomancer Press "and gamers will want books about playing a more enjoyable RPG."

Sneak peek copies will be on sale at GenCon, and the book will be available via retailers and at the PAX convention on August 25. Information on Technomancer Press, LLC is at, RPGnet is of course, and retailers and distributors can get Technomancer Press books via their Studio2Publishing account.  Subsequent RPG theory books are planned for 2006-2007.  Technomancer Press: High Adventure, Low Prices.

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