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Veritas Games Company to Unveil Powerstorm CCG at GENCON Indy

August, 2006 (Boston, MA) - Veritas Games Company™, proudly announced today that it will unveil its new Powerstorm™ customizable card game at GENCON™ Indianapolis. The first edition of Powerstorm is based on the characters and settings of the popular Top Cow Productions, Inc.® comic book lines.

The game is intended for official release to stores nationwide around Thanksgiving of 2006, but Lee Valentine, the President of Veritas Games Company, said that starter decks for the game will be available at this summer's GENCON™ Indy gaming convention.

The starter decks feature Cyberforce®, one of Top Cow's most popular teams of heroes against Cyberdata™, their enemies. In future releases scheduled for 2007, fans can expect to see their favorite characters from the Witchblade®, the Darkness®, and Hunter-Killer™ comic lines among many others.

Valentine also noted that Powerstorm will be a strictly non-collectible customizable card game. The starter decks are non-random. Around Thanksgiving, expansion cards will also be available in "draft packs". "While a player does not know what is in any given draft pack, to allow for draft mode play," Valentine said, "all the Draft Pack boxes contain the same cards. So when you buy two starters and a box of draft packs you will get one to three copies of every card in that set." Because of this packaging structure, Valentine said, "Players won't be chasing down rare cards and spending a fortune to compete in our game; we're committed to people who love playing games."

Veritas Games Company reports that the reason for this early "sneak preview" of their game is to build confidence among players and retailers as to the quality of the art and of the game play, long before the game comes out. "We have confidence in our product, and thus far we've had very postive feedback from the public, particularly from people who both read comics and play customizable card games," Valentine said.

Powerstorm is a superheroic fighting, customizable, 2-player card game. Everything about Powerstorm is designed to mimic some aspect of comic book battling action or plot lines. It is a blow-by-blow fighting mechanic designed to pit teams of characters against each other in comic book settings.

The game will be attractive to both casual gamers and advanced tournament gamers looking for something different.


For additional information contact:

Lee Valentine
Veritas Games Company, LLC

Powerstorm and Veritas Games Company are trademarks of Veritas Games Company, LLC.
Top Cow, Witchblade, the Darkness, Cyberforce, Hunter-Killer, and all characters and their likenesses featured therein are trademarks of Top Cow Productions, Inc.
GENCON is a trademark of GenCon LLC; that mark is used without permission, and no challenge is made to the status of that trademark.

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