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Issue: 44

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Tabletop Adventures Goes Sci-Fi with Destinations
Tabletop Adventures takes you Into the Future with our new Sci Fi Destinations Line starting with Space Port Trident Vespa and Starbase 7-Osiris!

Into the Future: DESTINATIONS sci-fi series from Tabletop Adventures - Tabletop Adventures presents the Destinations series – your gateway to the universe, giving you flexible, creative, stat-free settings that you can use to bring life and adventure to virtually any sci-fi game system.  

 “Destinations: Spaceport Trident Vespa” is the first in a series of spaceports written by Martin Ralya. Trident Vespa is a large port built to accommodate any kind of craft, but it is rumored to be cursed. Now legitimate traffic avoids the port, leaving it open for the less-particular captains, those who prefer a place where the staff members mind their own business. See it now in the Sci-Fi RPG category at RPGNow: or on EN Game Store: 

 The nine-page, fully-bookmarked PDF includes three sections: an Overview (what the port looks like from above, and information about the 'curse'); Spaceport Layout (descriptions of the traffic on each of the three lanes as well as the port's headquarters); and Bringing Trident Vespa to Life (suggestions to help you make this spaceport seem more real and vibrant to your players, including several plot hooks). Text is provided for a GM to read aloud directly to players, giving both air and ground views of the various areas of the port. The product also features full-page artwork showing the spaceport from the air. 

 Also don’t miss the previous entry in the Destinations line, “Destinations: Space Station 7-Osiris.” Also written by Martin Ralya, 7-Osiris provides a fascinating place for PCs to get their ship repaired or re-supplied before, during, or after an adventure. This 20-page bookmarked PDF includes an artist’s rendering of this unusual space station and is also available in the Sci-Fi RPG category on RPGNow: and on EN Game Store: 

 7-Osiris is presented in two different conditions: Active (inhabited, running normally) and Derelict (ruined and devoid of life). This gives you two dramatically different ways to incorporate 7-Osiris into your campaign – as well as the option of using it in both states in the same game, if the PCs become familiar with the station before disaster strikes. The text begins with an Overview, which familiarizes you with the station in general terms. Then the Active and Derelict conditions are described separately, and broken into several sections, each with text that you can read aloud directly to your players. You can even run the derelict version of the station without first reading the active version. 

Now Tabletop Adventures supplies you with fascinating Destinations for all your Future travel needs. Now providing help for the Harried Game Master, and help for the Harried Star Master as well. Buy it Today, Play it Tonight!


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