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Issue: 42

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Technomancer Press Sponsors RPG Duel at PAX: The Penny Arcade Exposition

The Technomancer Press Open Duel will be held in the Tabletop Games Area at PAX on August 26, 11am. Prizes awarded to all entrants.

Seattle, July 28, 2006: For those attending PAX: The Penny Arcade Exposition in

Bellevue, Washington August 25-27, the Technomancer Press Open Duel provides a way for players to match wits and characters, and win prizes. Information and official rules can be found at


Using D&D 3.5 rules, the duel is an elimination style one-on-one match up of all comers. The unique duel rules level the playing field, as participants will never face an opponent with a 24 strength and 3 charisma because he min/max'ed his point buy. “The matches will not be decided by statistics or who has the best magic items,” said Tony Hellmann, CEO of Technomancer Press. “They will be decided by cold logic and creative reactions.”One feature not common to similar events is the character sheet created by Technomancer Press which is available on their website at Entrants using the Technomancer Press Character Sheet receive expedited review during registration.


Technomancer Press, LLC is a publisher of role-playing, tabletop, and educational games. The company focuses on providing high-quality content at prices well below that of the competition, through cost-saving in-house production processes. 


Founded in 1998, Penny Arcade is a webcomic and journal which covers video games and popular culture. Boasting a readership of over 4.5 Million viewers Penny Arcade is considered one of the most influential voices in gaming. In 2004, Penny Arcade held the first annual Penny Arcade Exposition (PAX) bringing fans from all over the country to the

Seattle area to play PC and console games, tabletop and RPG games, and generally geek out with each other.


Contact Tony Hellmann, CEO at or Sandy Antunes, CIO at

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2006-07-28 13:16:31
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