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Issue: 475

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Games Play UK Ltd - Launches Reciproboo board game for Licensing opportunities!
The reciprocal frame building game of skill, chance and manual dexterity.
This game really does have a strong appeal, regarding the effects earthquakes have in Haiti and Africa and the devastation it causes for people and their lives and Games Play UK are very proud to have developed a game with such strong appeal.

Games Play UK Ltd have developed this great game, that tests your skill and manual dexterity, this game is called Reciproboo.Play this game and understand the versatility of the reciprocal frame and its uses.

Reciproboo is based on the exciting innovation in emergency shelters for disaster relief.Players can play the more challenging game of trying to raise the central frame off their side of the board using a combination of poles from a roll of the die, or for younger players, they can continue to raise the central frame until a player uses their last pole or a player uses causes the balanced blocks on the platform to fall thus losing the game!
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2014-08-06 10:08:13
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