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Rogue Games warns you to beware of the secrets hidden in a small town.

(May 20, 2014) The Landlord's Daughter Is Ready For Pre-Order.


Lawlessness reigns and nowhere is this more apparent than in the small settlement of Lynn. Located north of Boston, local bandits have taken advantage of the current conflict with England, and now terrorize the village. 

All have been touched by this lawlessness, especially Jacob Newhall, proprietor of the Lynn Tavern. His daughter, Tabitha, has fallen victim to these rogues. Found wandering the streets of Lynn, covered in filth, with her clothes tattered, the poor girl seems to have suffered greatly. 

Can you get to the bottom of Tabitha's disappearance, and learn what malady besets the young lady? Be careful with your search because you do not know what dangers lurk within the shadows.

Written by William Butler (Servants of Gaius) and Brendan Davis (Servants of Gaius), The Landlord's Daughter is a tale of mystery, secret societies, pirates, betrayal, and witchcraft set in the towns of Marblehead and Lynn in Esex County, Massachusetts. 

Beware of the secrets hidden in a small town.

If you pre-order a copy of The Landlord's Daughter you will automatically get eBook copies (PDF, Kindle & ePub) for free. Order you copy today from the Rogue Games Online Store today!


90 pages, 6x9 B&W softcover
Stock Code: RGG 1781
Price: $13.99 (print)/$6.99 (PDF, ePub and Kindle)

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