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Issue: 470

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Rogue Games Brings New Options For Players

(March 24, 2014) Shadow, Sword & Spell: Player Is Ready For Pre-Order

New to Shadow, Sword & Spell? Have you walked the sun baked desert of The Shimmering Sands? In either case, brave hero, here is the book you have been searching for.


In Shadow, Sword & Spell: Player you will find options, enhancements and additions to enhance your game:

  • New skills and modifiers
  • New combat options, including rules for ocean and aerial combat
  • Rules for fantasy races
  • A system for creating martial arts that are as unique as each character
  • Bloodlines and the benefits of being a descendent of a mythical hero
  • Rules for social status, family status and honor
  • and much more!

Pick the rules you like or use it all. With Shadow, Sword & Spell: Player you can enhance and modify your game however you choose.

If you prep-order a copy of Shadow, Sword & Spell: Player you will automatically get eBook copies (PDF, Kindle, ePub) of 

 for free! Order your copy from the Rogue Games Online Store today!

150 pages, 6x9 B&W, softcover
Stock Code: RGG 3002
Price: $17.99 (print)/$6.99 (PDF, ePub and Kindle)

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2014-03-24 05:06:48
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