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(Chicago | February 10, 2014): Pre-Orders For Lost Colony Now Being Taken
Rogue Games is pleased to announce that you can now preorder a copy of Colonial Gothic: The Lost Colony. When you order your copy today, you will automatically get not only the PDF, but ePub and Kindle version as well.

RGG 1802 Colonial Gothic: The Lost ColonyPopham, Massachusetts: a lost colony.

Founded in 1607, the same year as Jamestown, and abandoned the following year. Lost except for rumors and fragments; barely mentioned in history books until the site was rediscovered in 1994.

But there is more to the story.

Secrets, shadows, and things that stalk the night wait for a moment of weakness to devour those weak in will.

Fragments remain of what was once a a shining hope of a new life in the New World.

A strange discovery. Creatures that should not exist. Disaster.

Written by award winning author Jennifer Brozak, this unique sourcebook and adventure tells the story of what really happened at Popham. Visit the new colony in 1607 and confront the menace. Rediscover the site in 1776 and face its terrifying legacy. Or play in both time periods, as newcomers or as descendants of the original Heroes.

Nothing is lost forever. Evil endures.

To preorder your copy, visit the Rogue Games Online Store today.

MSRP: $14.99 (print) & $6.99 (PDF/ePub/Kindle)
Pages: 80 B&W 6”x9” softcover
SKU: RGG 1802

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2014-02-10 05:31:22
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