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'Swords of Kos: Hekaton' Released by Skirmisher
Skirmisher Publishing LLC is proud to announce the release of "Swords of Kos: Hekaton," the second title in its line of fantasy fiction! It is available as an ePub/PDF download from various online sites, including DriveThruRPG (282 pages, $5.99, SKP E 1304, ). We very much hope you will enjoy it!

Inspired by the works of classic swords-and-sorcery authors like Fritz Lieber, Jack Vance, and Robert E. Howard, "Swords of Kos: Hekaton" is the second entry in Skirmisher Publishing LLC’s fantasy fiction series and follows "Swords of Kos: Necropolis." In this anthology, the island and city of Kos and the lands around it are explored through the stories of eleven authors and original illustrations and cartography by nine artists. All are set during the Hekaton, centennial observance of the great volcanic cataclysm that reawakened magic, the elder races, and all manner of fell monsters, in a fantasy world that draws upon the myths, legends, and history of the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Middle East.

Stories in this compilation include “Bloodsuckers” by Michael O. Varhola, “Rogue’s Nightmare” by R.M. Aislin, “Chasing Shadows” by Richard T. Balsley, “The Misadventures of Bjoric” by Brendan Cass, “The Rite” by Christopher Van Deelen, “To the Dragon Apeiron” by Lissanne Lake, “Unfamiliar Ground” by Sharon Daugherty, “The Day Pateon Fnordseeker Gave Up Drinking” by Eric Lis, M.D., “Eugenos and the Green Griffon” by Robert Gruver, “Nithernons the Ale’er” by John Giddens, and “The Price of Land” by D.M. Fitzgerald.

Illustrations accompanying stories in "Hekaton" include ones by fantasy artists Amanda Kahl, Philip Shade Kightlinger, Sean McGarity, William T. Thrasher, Josh Routt, Lissanne Lake, Sharon Daugherty, Phillippe St. Gerard, and Bree Orlock.

Join us in our adventures through the dark and fascinating swords-and-sorcery world of Kos!
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