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Hex Games Joins the Indie Press Revolution
Independent publisher Hex Games is now offering their entire catalogue of role-playing games and supplements for sale through Indie Press Revolution, at

Founded in 1997, Hex Games is best known for its rules-light system QAGS and for quirky games like Hobomancer, Laser Ponies, and Roller Girls Vs. After a trial run of nine products, all 35 Hex Games products are now available for sale through IPR.

Hex Games publishes products in a wide range of genres, including mythic adventure (The Adventures of Sindbad, GILGAMESH!), science fiction (Rocket Jocks, Leopard Women of Venus), historical adventure (Pytheas Club, Edison Force), the supernatural (American Artifacts, Hobomancer), and more. Hex Games products also cover a wide range of tones, ranging from the serious to the surreal to the ridiculous. The common link among all these diverse products is the Hex dedication to shared storytelling, limited rules, and maximum fun.

While all of Hex Games’ products are available as PDFs, some are also available in print form. Sampling a PDF is easy, since Hex offers three products free of charge: the humorous super-hero supplement All-Stars: Vice Squad, the spellcasting system Magic Rules!, and the Hobomancer Preview.

Indie Press Revolution is a “direct sales first” network of quality creator-publishers. IPR only carries the best of the best in the independent press, selling directly to the customer first. It is a radical new way of selling RPGs and RPG-related products. Originally launched on December 1st, 2004 with seven members, IPR has grown rapidly and now has over 100 members, with more joining every month.
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