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Hex Games Releases Hobomancer
Hex Games has just released Hobomancer, the most eagerly anticipated game in the company’s fourteen year history. “Everything we’ve learned about making games has gone into this one,” Hex creative director Leighton Connor said. “I can confidently say this is our best game ever.”

Hobomancer is set in 1930s America, during the Great Depression. Among the countless hobos who ride the rails looking for work, there exists a secret society of magicians known as the hobomancers. The hobomancers face all the same problems as rank-and-file hobos—hunger, mean-spirited railway bulls, bad hooch—but they must also concern themselves with defending reality as we know it. If the hobomancers don’t ride the rails and keep the songlines of the world in balance, dark magic will run rampant, monsters will ravage the land, and the very laws of nature will collapse.

Hobomancer is a role-playing game, designed for use with the QAGS Second Edition rules, which combines American history, folklore, and pulp fiction into a thick, rich Mulligan stew of adventure. This jam-packed 150+ page PDF includes: an overview of the songlines, the source of the hobomancers’ magic; details on the magical tradition of hobomancy; a description of hobo magic, including notable otherworldly entities that hobomancers can encounter; information about hobo life; a general overview of life in the 1930s; game-specific rules and character creation ideas; an explanation of hobo magic and Hobo Powers; GMing tips; game information on over 20 monsters, including the dream-snatcher, the gumberoo, and the traveling salesdemon; a full adventure, “Hobo of Hamlin”; and appendices that include the Hobomancer Timeline, Hobo Signs, Hobo Lingo, the Random Hobo Name Generator (which offers over ten million possible hobo names), ritual magic rules, useful tables, sample characters, and more.

Hobomancer can be purchased in PDF form at, or at the finer PDF sales sites, for just $14.99. Those same sites also sell the QAGS rulebook, American Artifacts, All-Stars: A Game of Low Budget Superheroics, and more.

For those who would like to sample QAGS before they buy it, the QAGS Qik Start Rules, which include everything you need to play Hobomancer, are available for download at, absolutely free.

Hobomancer features both period photographs and original illustrations by Joshua LH Burnett, Jeffrey Johnson, Juan Navarro, and Chris Newman.

Ride the rails. Have more fun!
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