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(Chicago) May 22, 2012: Shadow, Sword & Spell: Threats Ready For Pre Order

(Chicago) May 22, 2012: Shadow, Sword & Spell: Threats Ready For Pre Order

The World is a danger filled place.

Monsters lurk in the shadows waiting for the moment to strike upon the unsuspecting. The Jungles or Moran teems with threats both mundane and magical. Though most threats are from the physical world, there are many threats originating from nether realms.

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Threats is your guide to the dangers that lurk upon The World. Here you will find numerous monsters, and other dangers inspired by pulp fantasy and myth. Each monster is fully fleshed out, and ready to be used as is. For Gamemasters wanting to create their own unique creatures, new traits are introduced giving you more options in your own creations.

Beside threats of a more mundane sort, you will also find fully detailed threats that serve as the springboard for any campaign. From an ancient dragon who runs a cult, to a giant mustering forces so that he can control all trade through the mountain passes, to a group of thieves who use the cover of a bakery to profit in a special type of “dough,” Threats is your guide to the unique adversaries found in Shadow, Sword & Spell’s The World.

Grab your swords, summon your cohorts, and prepare yourself to face some of the most dangerous threats found in The World today!

To pre order a copy, and receive the PDF automatically, visit the Rogue Games Online Store and get order your copy of Shadow, Sword & Spell: Threats today!

Shadow, Sword & Spell: Threats
ISBN-13: 978-0-9826598-7-8
MSRP: $16.99 ($7.99 PDF)
Pages: 120 B&W 6”x9” Softcover
SKU: RGG 3030

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2012-05-22 19:23:29
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