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Skirmisher Discounts ‘Experts’ 96%!
As part of its 10th anniversary celebration, Skirmisher Publishing has discounted PDF downloads of its popular title "Experts v.3.5" by a full 96%, from $12.99 to just 50 cents! This is a revised and expanded version of the company’s very first book, "Experts," which it released in early 2002. It is available on a number of online sites, including DriveThruRPG, at
“One of the things that made this book notable was that Gary Gygax wrote the foreword to it,” said Skirmisher publisher Michael Varhola. “He could tell that we had drawn heavily on his work from Dungeons & Dragons when developing 'Experts' and very generously agreed to be a part of it. He set the kind of example we have tried to follow since then, and offering one of our best titles at this price is a way for us to give back to the gaming community.”

"Experts v.3.5" takes the concept of the Expert non-player-character class briefly described in the "Dungeon Master’s Guide" and gives it unprecedented depth and playability. This 176-page book includes:

* More than 30 fully detailed Expert types, including the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Courtesan, Merchant, Miner, Navigator, Physician, Sage, Sailor, and Weaponmaker.

* The Guild Master, Militia Leader, and Spellcrafter prestige classes, the latter of which can allow Experts, Specialists, and other characters to gain specialized magical abilities that they can use to enhance their mundane abilities.

* The Specialist, a new basic character class that players can use to create versatile "adventuring Experts" of any sort.

* More than 100 new skills, including dozens of new Crafts and Professions and detailed rules for creation of everything from weapons and armor to buildings and ships.

* The concept of Convergence Tasks, activities that can be accomplished as the result of having ranks in two or more skills (e.g., use of Craft (Blacksmithing) and Profession (Mining) to perform Smelting). These can allow characters to perform relatively specialized functions but does not inundate the game with obscure, rarely-used skills.

* A section of 20 new Feats.

* 22 new magic items.

* More than two dozen ready-to-use NPC Experts that can be used as-is or easily modified to suit any campaign or adventure.

* Flavor text from a number of literary sources that can help stimulate interest in the various sorts of Experts presented in this book, suggest how they might be used, or show them in a different light than usual.

And now you can get all this for just 50 cents! This special sale will not last long, so go ahead and pick up your copy now.
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2012-02-29 19:37:53
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