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Rogue Games welcomes you to Philadelphia

(Chicago) October 31, 2011: Rogue Games announced today that The Philadelphia Affair, and adventure and sourcebook for its acclaimed historical horror RPG Colonial Gothic, is now available for pre-order.

The Philadelphia Affair is the second chapter of the Flames of Freedom campaign. It follows Boston Besieged, which was nominated for a Gaming Genius (Golden Pawn) award in the Best Adventure category and won rave reviews from, Roleplayers’ Chronicle, and elsewhere.

Written by Colonial Gothic creator Richard Iorio, The Philadelphia Affair, takes players into the City of Brotherly Love in the midst of the Second Continental Congress. As delegates struggle to forge a new nation out of thirteen fractious colonies, the hunt for a missing person leads to a deadly plot that could destroy the city and cripple the quest for independence.

Available in print and PDF formats, this 112-page book includes detailed source material on the history of Philadelphia and conditions in 1776. Kindle and ebook versions will be available shortly.

The Flames of Freedom campaign will continue in Shadows on the Hudson, which is scheduled for release in late 2012.

Flames of Freedom: The Philadelphia Affair
$13.99 (book + PDF)
$6.99 (PDF Only)
Order a copy here.

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