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Issue: 415

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Gorilla Games to Release "World Conquerors" in January 2012
Gorilla Games is proud to announce the publication of Jeff Siadek's "World Conquerors" in January of 2012.

"World Conquerors" is a boardgame of global conquest in an 8.5x11x2 inch box with a mounted mapboard, dice and a deck of 50 cards featuring historical figures with goals and powers based on their deeds.

World Conquerors is a simple dice based combat system for taking over the world that is spiced up by a deck of world conquerors with unique powers and goals drawn from their history. Alexander lets you reroll the defender's dice. Elizabeth and Victoria give naval advantages and Stalin uses assassination.

I REALLY like the game. There are no short world conquering games that I know of - so this one really fits a good spot, one that can easily be added to my gaming shelves.
- Tom Vasel,

Product code ooc1105
MSRP $39.95 U.S.

View the cover art here:

View the rules here:

View the mapboard here:

View the cards here:

View the sell sheet here:

For further information, contact:

Jeff Siadek
310 994-5189

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2011-10-25 10:55:06
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