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Issue: 411

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Gorilla Games Kickstarting World Conquerors
Gorilla Games is offering Jeff Siadek's "World Conquerors" through

World Conquerors is Jeff Siadek's game of global domination for 1 to 4 players. It is an area control dice game with armies on a map. The unique feature is a deck of historical figures with powers and goals based on their actual histories. Erik the red is good at naval exploration. Attila is good at breaking alliances and Stalin has a talent for assassination. It plays fast and light.

The kickstarter pre-release features promotional cards that are not available anywhere else. Supporters at the higher levels will have their own name and image on the promotional cards.

See the cover, rules, board and cards at:

For more information, contact
Jeff Siadek

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2011-09-28 23:25:48
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