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Protospiel West - Game Playtesting Con within a Con
Protospiel West will debut as a "con within a con" at Strategicon / Gateway this Labor Day Weekend.
There is a "con within a con" at Gateway this year. It's called Protospiel West. Sponsored by SoCal Playtesters, Strategicon and Blue Panther LLC. It's about playtesting games with game designers and other gamers such as you! Several prominent game companies mentioned they will drop by. It's mostly about playtesting - with a few short design and how to get published seminars thrown in.

Protospiel West runs from Friday Sep 2 at 6 PM until Sunday evening Sep 4th in the same hotel as Gateway - the Sheraton LAX. We will have a separate area set aside for the entire con.

Details on the event will be posted on the Strategicon website shortly. under "special events". If you want to find out what it's all about right now, go to to download the PDF with all the details.

Blue Panther is a publisher of board games, dice towers and offers prototyping and short run manufacturing, in addition to POD (print on demand) games. Purveying fine games since 2006
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2011-08-08 22:23:24
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