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Issue: 395

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Blue Panther Offers POD Printing of Wargames - 4 Titles from Schutze Games Now Available
Blue Panther announces new Print-On-Demand wargame publishing service.
Blue Panther now offers POD printing of wargames. The first 4 titles available are from Schutze Games - Fall of France, Switzerland Must Be Conquered, Eureka Stockade and Somalia Interventions, with additional titles to follow each month.

Check these titles out at

All POD wargames feature full color telescoping boxes, heavy stock maps, die cut counters and cards, custom dice, professionally printed rules and player aids and are made in the USA. Blue Panther offers mfg, order fulfillment and shipping direct to wargamers as well as distributors and retailers.

Distributors and retailers please contact for details on pricing and terms.

Blue Panther's new POD wargame service offers new options. Designers can get their products out in the market for no upfront investment. Publishers can reprint old titles and explore lesser known wargame topics with little or no risk.

For information on getting your wargame POD printed by Blue Panther, contact us at

Blue Panther is a manufacturer of games, dice towers and game accessories, offering prototype and short run manufacturing services in wood and traditional board game materials. Check out our offerings at
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2011-06-28 19:21:53
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