Newsletter for Saturday, June 11, 2011
Issue: 391

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The Patriot Incident, an intense counter-terrorism investigation, is available for pre-order.
Order Here: THE PATRIOT INCIDENT PRE-ORDER A murdered arms dealer and a handful clues... It is a night of celebration in Boston, but a group of extremists have other plans... This heart-pounding investigation pits your players against an unexpected threat. They have less than 12 hours to track leads and stop the attackers, or Boston will never be the same. The Patriot Incident is a Terror Network module, and provides the Gamemaster with a complete counter-terrorism investigation. It includes 19 suspects and over 20 locations for your players to investigate as they race to stop a major terrorist attack. From Bedrock Games Check out the latest review of THE PATRIOT INCIDENT MOST UNREAD BLOG REVIEW
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2011-06-11 09:26:12
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