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Issue: 389

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New Board Game "Startup Fever" raised $20,000

Startup Fever, "an escalating game of backstabbing and dirty tricks" (Drake's Flame) raised over $20,000 on Kickstarter and will be published in Fall 2011.

The players are company founders in Silicon Valley and manage money and employees (engineers, sales, executives). Reviewers love the game:

"An escalating game of backstabbing and dirty tricks." Drake's Flame: Upcoming Board Game Review - Startup Fever

"It's definitely a game that tells a story." UndeadViking: 120 minutes of tenacious, conflict filled a Euro (Video Review)

"Like a Silicon Valley version of Settlers of Catan." Tech Crunch: Can’t Build A Real Startup? Play The ‘Startup Fever’ Boardgame

Pre-orders through come at a discount and with extra features can only be made until Monday, June 13th 900pm PDT

More information can be found at
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2011-06-03 23:10:15
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