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Hex Games Releases JINGO-America's Greatest Combat Squad
Hex Games has just released J.I.N.G.O. – America’s Greatest Combat Squad!, a game inspired by the toy-based cartoons of the 80s.

It's 1985. After a landslide election, Ronald Reagan has just started his second term, and America feels awfully good about itself. Unfortunately, there’s a new threat out there, more dangerous than the USSR, Libya, and Iran combined—M.U.S.K.R.A.T, the Militant Union of Saboteurs, Killers, Renegades, And Terrorists. To combat this threat, Mr. Reagan has created an elite anti-terrorist force, the Justified Intelligence Network of Gifted Operatives. That’s right, J.I.N.G.O.! When extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary operatives, J.I.N.G.O. is there to protect the U. S. of A. from terrorists, communists, or whatever else threatens this great land of ours.

J.I.N.G.O.! The world’s greatest heroes, for the world’s greatest nation!

According to creator Josh Burnett, J.I.N.G.O. is “a pastiche of the Reagan 80s filtered through the half-romantic, half-cynical memories of a child of that era. It's a spirit of optimism mixed with apathy. It's my country right or wrong. It's black-and-white morality, sometimes twisted to very ugly extremes. The goal of this game is to make fun of all that and have some fun blowing up lots of bad-guys at the same time.”

J.I.N.G.O. is designed for use with the QAGS system. It includes background on J.I.N.G.O. and M.U.S.K.R.A.T.; new rules for Specializations, Firepower, and Q Rating; vehicle rules; sample characters, vehicles, Gimmicks, and Weaknesses; 20 adventure ideas; and more!

J.I.N.G.O. – America’s Greatest Combat Squad!—as well as the QAGS rulebook, Leopard Women of Venus, Roller Girls Vs., and more—can be purchased in PDF form at and at the finer PDF sales sites for just $3.99.

For those who would like to sample QAGS before they buy it, the QAGS Qik Start Rules, which include everything you need to play J.I.N.G.O., are available for download at, absolutely free.

J.I.N.G.O. - America’s Greatest Combat Squad! is written by Joshua “General Victory” Burnett and illustrated by Leighton “Marshal Muskrat” Connor, with cover art by Joshua LH Burnett.

Smash more commies. Have more fun!
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2011-05-22 22:54:31
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