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Issue: 379

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Gorilla Games releasing Weather Deck for Lifeboat
For immediate release
Gorilla Games is proud to announce the publication of the Weather Deck expansion for the Origins Award nominated “Lifeboat” game in June of 2011.

This latest expansion comes with 10 unique cards that add tactical depth to the classic "Lifeboat" game of survival at sea. At the start of each turn, you'll consult the weather deck to see how the skies will be. Stormy Seas might put you in danger of going overboard for rowing but a bit of Rain will let you ignore your thirst today.

The Weather Deck is designed by Jeff Siadek with Art by Stephen K. Ratter and Art Direction by Fred Davis. It is fully compatible with any version of Lifeboat.

Product code ooc1101

MSRP $5.00 U.S.

View the cover art here:

For further information, contact:

Jeff Siadek

310 994-5189

Posted on:
2011-05-03 13:55:14
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