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Issue: 366

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Introducing the Rogue Games eBook Guarantee

(Chicago) February 17, 2011: Rogue Games introduces the Rogue Games eBook Guarantee.

When starting Rogue Games the guiding principle was a simple one: we provide content, and the content we provide should be available to you. That is why we bundle the PDF when you buy the book. That is why regardless of where you purchase one of our games, you will get the PDF for free.

This policy has served us well, and it is one that I am proud of. However I am not happy with it.

With the growth in eReaders, be it the Kindle, Nook, an even the iPad, there is no reason that our games should not be in a format that is suited to these devices. That is why we moved to making our games available for them.

Still I am not happy.


We could do more.

That is why, starting to day, we are dropping the PDF Guarantee. In place is the Rogue Games eBook Guarantee.

In short the Guarantee adds a few new things:

  • If you buy a physical Rogue Games book in a store or online, we give you the option of getting the PDF, ePub or Kindle version free of charge. All you need to do is email us proof that your purchased the book, and the file will be sent your way.
  • You now have the option when it comes to format you would like bundled with your book purchase. When ordering direct from the Rogue Games Online Store, you can now choose to have either the PDF, eBook or Kindle bundled with your book purchase.

In short nothing has changed, we are just giving you more options to choose from.

Starting today the Rogue Games Online Store has changed. You can still buy books and PDFs, but now you also have the option to purchase ePub and Kindle files. In addition, you have a choice of bundling options. The kicker in all of this? Prices are consistent and the same.

As always, more is to come, but this is yet another way for use to provide you the content you want.

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2011-02-17 09:48:05
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