Newsletter for Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Issue: 365

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Latest News Articles:

SSDC Launches New Web Site
SSDC has launched a brand new web site with many new and improved features.

Races - The core of Battlelords is the 25+ PC races. We give you all the roleplaying info for every race in our expended race section.

- Adventures - free modules for all levels
- FAQ - massive and ever expanding
- Newbie Guide - powerful aid for new players, including a glossary of Battlelords terms, and many rules expansions

Gallery - visualize the broadest sci-fi game ever

Free Web Tools!
- Combat Resolver: determine hit location and critcals for any number of shots and targets
- Initiative Tracker: track your entire party's initiative, can be used for other games, move players in and out of combat

Free PDFs
Adventure Record Sheet - keep track of everything easily during each adventure
Character Sheet

Greatly Expanded Product Offerings
- Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century PDF - our core rulebook in available as a PDF for the first time ever, making it easier than ever to try Battlelords
- all our books are now available in print, PDF, and bundle (print+PDF)
- Blood Dawn PDF - our post-apocalyptic game with supporting free PDFs
- Our popular Newbie Special includes every book in the Battlelords line, and the new Alliance Special includes every book in both print and PDF formats in one massive collection.

Future - more web tools, Engage, adventures, revised edition, more for new players

Please help us spread the news however you can. Battlelords has always been better because of our fans, so let's get more people involved.

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2011-01-26 12:14:27
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