Newsletter for Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Issue: 361

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A series of interviews on DiceCast

  David Pulver, Marc Miller, and Eric Gibson interviewed on DiceCast

Three RPG luminaries are interviewed on a podcast for the first time ever.

   David Pulver (known for his work on GURPS, Big Eyes Small Mouth, and Transhuman Space), Marc Miller (a founding partner of Game Designers Workshop and one of the originators of the Traveller RPG and game setting), and Eric Gibson (formerly of West End Games, the publisher of the D6 System) are featured on DiceCast, one of the official podcasts of Polymancer Studios, Inc..

  The link for the show is http://dic​​​010/12/dic​ecast-spec​ial-holida​y-intervie​w.html
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2011-01-04 12:38:37
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