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Rogue Games now selling ePub versions of releases

(Chicago) December 2, 2010: Rogue Games begins selling ePub versions of all books

Yesterday we released a new original PDF (Colonial Gothic Organizations: Vol 1. The Templars). Starting today you can now buy a version formatted for any eReader.

What’s the difference you ask? Let me explain.

Unlike a PDF, a ePub file, is a file that is formatted to work with such eReaders like a Kindle, Nook, or Sony eReader. A ePub file is even able to be reader is such eBooks apps like Stanza (on the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch). The ePub file is formatted to display in b&w, designed to not task the screen, and have a small file footprint. For devices that use this file, the benefits are many, but the downside is that ePub does a poor job handling layout, full color, as well as a lot of the fancy layout techniques available in physical books.

Since we started, we have always embraced technology and have strived to use it to our advantage. For us, we are not a book publisher, we are a content provider, and our content happens to be roleplaying games. Because of this, we have worked to ensure you have access to the content in as many ways possible. Our games are for sale for the Kindle, on the iBook Store, and numerous other vendors.

There is more for us to do.

That is why starting with Colonial Gothic Organizations: Vol 1. The Templars ePub versions will be available for sale direct from Rogue Games. The goal is to have ePub versions of all our releases for sale by the end of the January. Then, if all goes well, the same day we release a book for sale, not only will the PDF go up for sale, but so too will the ePub version.

To make it easier, in the coming weeks, the online store will be reorganized, but in the mean time, the two images on the right will clue you in on what version to buy.

As for the future, the goal is to eventually give you the choice between having either the PDF or the ePub version of the file bundled with the purchase of the physical book.

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2010-12-02 10:43:04
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