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Issue: 345

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Blue Panther Announces Winner of Small Games Contest
Small Games Contest Winner is David Whitcher
A very tight design document – all components must fit within the confines of a Blue Panther Card Tower box.

A specific challenge for components – at least 30 cards and 2 dice, playable in 30 minutes or less, enjoyable by all ages.

A tight timeframe – six weeks to get it done.

Over two dozen game designers (most new but some whose names you’ve seen before) sent in their entries from around the world including the US, Canada, Europe, China, New Zealand.

It was truly difficult to pick out a winner – there was more than one great design in there, but when the dust cleared, there could be only one chosen, and that game was “Snag”, a quick playing party game by David Whitcher.
Congratulations David!

Dave’s game design will be published by Blue Panther LLC and available at your local game store in the second quarter of 2011. Product photos and info coming soon to a gaming news outlet near you!

Blue Panther LLC, founded in 2006 is a publisher and maker of games, dice towers, and game accessories. Offering custom component manufacturing or complete game manufacturing and fulfillment for short runs in a print-on-demand basis. Specializing in wood and custom components, let Blue Panther help you realize your game’s full potential.
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2010-09-07 17:38:25
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