Newsletter for Wednesday, September 01, 2010
Issue: 344

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Crafty Games: Welcome to the Time of High Adventure!
Crafty Games' latest Fantasy Craft supplement, Time of High Adventure, is due on shelves in September, but you can buy the PDF now!

Three full-size adventures bring the excitement of Fantasy Craft to your gaming table: protect the crossroads of Fels Cut from a new undead menace in The Darkest Hour; put to rest ancient horrors in The Cleansing of Black Spur; and face the ultimate dungeon challenge in The Vault. Sliding DCs and adversaries scale to challenge any level, allowing you to run all three adventures for new or veteran parties of any composition. Also included: "The Realm," a mini-setting for drag-and-drop play; and print-ready handouts, maps, and stat sheets (to get you up and running with NPCs in minutes).

We hope you enjoy this product and encourage you to also consider Fantasy Craft Second Printing, available now in print (through Studio 2) and PDF (through DriveThruRPG), and to watch for the Adventure Companion and Spellbound, coming this fall!

Thanks, and stay Crafty!

Alex and Pat,
Crafty Games
Posted on:
2010-09-01 15:25:13
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