Newsletter for Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Issue: 341

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Superhero Adventure for HERO and ICONS
BlackWyrm Games has plublished the superhero adventure Unkindness with both ICONS and HERO System write-ups for the same low price of $6.95.

"We're very happy with the working relationship between our two companies," says Dave Mattingly, president of BlackWyrm. "Adamant has a wonderful reputation in the industry, and ICONS is an amazingly cool system. Being able to publish material for the system is quite a privelege."

The Unkindness adventure presents the players with a challenging new supervillain, the Raven King. This evil being is on a crime spree through the city, stealing and kidnapping. But when it becomes apparent that the situation is not as straightforward as it might seem, a moral dilemma puts the heroes against a difficult choice.

"Now that we can offer this adventure under two great game systems," says Jason Walters of BlackWyrm, "we hope to allow a larger audience the opportunity to face this dangerous villain and the quandary behind it."

Unkindness is written by Michael Satran, the author of Foxbat for President, Pretty Hate Machines, and War of Worldcraft.
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2010-08-24 07:23:55
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