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Issue: 338

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Polymancer Expands Convention Support Program during its 7th year
For the seventh year in a row, it is our great pleasure to offer to everyone the opportunity to join our Convention Support Program (it is free). This program is designed to present/promote/demonstrate all participants' products at a range of conventions that we attend or send demo-teams to run tables at.

 The first one of the present year - and the one that starts the ball rolling - is FanExpo 2010, also known as GameExpo 2010. To know more about FanExpo, please visit their site to find out more about this wonderful convention.

 If you cannot make it to this convention and would still like to participate in it, then the CSP is for you. Incidentally, this convention kicks off the start of our year-long Convention Support Program (CSP) that we offer to all, and are newly expanding it to include all miniatures manufacturers, miniatures designers, or independent sculptors.

What does the Convention Support Program offer?
  • Space for your product(s) in our convention showcase.
  • Use of our demo teams; both in the main gaming area and the various game rooms.
  • Place for flyers, catalogs, and promotional material.
  • Space for your product(s) in our booth and at our tables.
  • Space on our Promotional CD to be given away at the booth.
  • Other goodies during the year.
Is the CSP only for FanExpo?
  • No, FanExpo is merely the first and amongst the largest of the conventions included in the program.
  • It is a year-long program.
Does it cost anything to participate in the CSP?
  • No, it is absolutely free.
How can I take part?
  • Send flyers, catalogs, business cards, and promotional material.
  • Send two copies of whatever you want promoted and demo'ed (rules, minis, etc.). No more than two copies per product.
  • To be on the CD, send electronic versions of whatever you want put on them (freebies, advertorials about your products, ads, images, music etc.).
  • To be on other convention giveaway goodies available throughout the year, send a 300dpi logo for your company or products.
What happens to what I submit after this year's CSP is over?
  • One copy is given to the demo-team that demonstrated it the most.
  • Second copy is donated to a local children's shelter for their game library.
Can I use any of this giveaway material for conventions I attend?
  • Certainly, just send us a message and make shipping arrangements.
 At the end of the year, each of the participating companies will receive detailed statistics regarding their submissions to all of the conventions we attended during that yearlong promotion program.

 As we did last year, we are handling sales of products differently; again this is only if you have asked us to sell your products for you. Should you wish to participate, please send only two copies (no more) of any product you wish to display/demo/promote/sell. One copy will be for the demo team's use and one copy will be the presentation copy for sales and promotional purposes.

 In terms of sales, we will take all customer sales-related information, provide them with a receipt, and then send this all on to you for processing and fulfillment.

 Remember, there is absolutely no requirement or need to remunerate us for any of these services.

Anyone interested should email me back at csp AT polymancer DOT com.
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2010-07-27 20:22:55
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