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Issue: 335

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Margaret Weis Productions Announces Preferred Retailer Program!
Margaret Weis Productions announces their new Preferred Retailer Program! This initiative includes FREE PDFs of all purchases (current and pre-order releases) at any brick and mortar location, special incentives for customers, as well as a listing on MWPís Store Locator found at


CONTACT: Christi Cardenas 715.629.9277

Williams Bay, WI (7/19/10) -- Margaret Weis Productions (MWP) wants to drive business and sales to and through brick and mortar locations. Their Preferred Retailer Program is just one way they are accomplishing this initiative. MWP admits it's still a work in progress and openly asks to hear from the retailing community on what works best in individual stores.

MWP arenít the first to offer free electronic copies of their current and pre-ordered product to retailers, but they see the Preferred Retailer Program as a positive move forward in this type of partnership. Participating stores receive a pre-printed card to include with any Margaret Weis Productions sale. The card instructs customers on how to contact Margaret Weis Productions through their site and provides a code unique to the individual retailer. Stores that agree to participate in this program are added to the Margaret Weis Productions Store Locator found on their site!

MWP plans to provide retailers with special incentives to encourage gamers to buy from their local game store based on what works best for customers. Special Margaret Weis Productions game nights are launching around the country where people can come to a store, play MWP games like SUPERNATURAL, SMALLVILLE, and LEVERAGE, and receive a special promo item, coupon and/or discounts based on the game or games being run. These special incentives are only offered to participating retailers.

With the SMALLVILLE ROLEPLAYING GAME due out in time for Gen Con in August, the LEVERAGE ROLEPLAYING GAME arriving close on its heels, and new product for SUPERNATURAL this fall, Margaret Weis Productions continues to reach out to the industry that supports them.

For further information please contact Christi Cardenas by email, or give her a call at 715.629.9277.

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