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Issue: 330

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(Chicago & Toronto) June 29, 2010: Thousand Suns: Starships is available for pre-order!

Beginning today, June 29, 2009, you can now pre-order Thousand Suns: Starships direct from the

Thousand Suns: Starships is a supplement that provides expanded options for starships construction, operation, combat, and more. Fully compatible with the revised Thousand Suns Rulebook, Starships gives players and Game Masters alike the tools they need to build and utilize any starship they can imagine, from fast, maneuverable fighters to mammoth dreadnaughts. Designed to add depth without unnecessary complexity, Starships is an invaluable resource for any Thousand Suns campaign.


Price: $12.99 (print)/$6.99 (eBook/PDF)
Page Count: 170 page
RGG 1040 Size: 6"x9" b&w softcover

To order, click here.

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2010-06-29 10:10:35
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