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Issue: 319

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"Who Would Win?" selected by Origins Awards Jury for Children's, Family or Party game of the Year
Gorilla Games is pleased to announce that Jeff Siadek's party game "Who Would Win?" has been selected by the jury to appear on the ballot for the Origins Awards for Best Children's, Family or Party Game of the Year at the GAMA Trade Show this year.

"Who Would Win" is the game where players make the silliest arguments about the most ridiculous contests. Each player gets a random draw from a deck of 110 cards of fictional or historical characters (for example: Godzilla, Stephen King, Barrack Obama, Peter Pan, Barbie etc.) and then gets 20 seconds to argue about why their character would win in an event drawn from another 110 card deck (weightlifting, rodeo, seduction, tennis poetry, etc.) The rest of the players vote on who had the best/funniest/most convincing argument and the winner gets a point. 5 points wins.

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2010-03-26 18:18:02
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