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Colonial Gothic Gazetteer Series Call for Submissions
(Chicago & Toronto) March 3, 2010. Rogue Games is putting the call out for submissions.

We hope you enjoy the Colonial Gothic Gazetteer. But if you know the Thirteen Colonies, you know that they hold much more in the way of adventure. And if you know Rogue Games, you know that we’re not going to leave a stone unturned until we bring you all of it.

That’s where you come in. Yes, you.

If you live in one of the Thirteen Colonies, or know a lot about one, Rogue Games needs you. We plan to publish a complete volume on each and every one of the Thirteen Colonies, with more information, more mysteries, and more adventure ideas. That is why we’re issuing this call for submissions.

Each Gazetteer volume will be a collection of material on a particular colony, written by multiple authors. We don’t have any preconceived notions of what each book will contain, and we’re keeping it that way. Because we want to see what you, the fans of Colonial Gothic, can do.

Here’s how it’s going to work. If you have an idea for an article on one of the colonies, go ahead and send it to us. Make sure you follow the submission guidelines given below. It can be anything, so long as it’s relevant. Here are some examples, but we know you’ll think of more:

  • Historical articles focusing on a particular location or event;
  • New mysteries, based on history or paranormal research;
  • Local legends and creatures;
  • Adventure seeds or short adventures set in a particular colony;

So there you are – have at it. When we amass enough material on a particular colony, we will release it as a Gazetteer volume. You will see your name in print, impress your friends – and even get paid! You won’t be able to give up your day job, but you will definitely get more than just a thank you.

Submission Guidelines

There is no limit on the number of articles a single writer can submit.

Every article has to be linked to one of the Thirteen Colonies. The stronger the link, the better we will like it.

We are not looking for fiction at this time.

We are mainly looking for articles of 1,000-3,000 words. Longer or shorter submissions will be considered, but they will have to be exceptional in order to make the cut.

Bibliographies are not mandatory, but we like them. They show you’ve done your research, and they allow your readers to follow up and find out more.

Text should be submitted in Word, RTF, or .txt format. Images should be submitted in .gif or .jpg format. If you send images that you have not created entirely by yourself, we need to know where they came from. If an image is not in the public domain, we can’t use it.

Send your submissions by email to, and make sure the subject line reads SUBMISSION: [COLONY NAME] GAZETTEER. You can attach text and image files, or paste text into the body of the email.

Be patient! We will review everything you send our way, but it may be months or even a couple of years before a particular Gazetteer volume is published. If you don’t hear from us, take it as a good sign – we haven’t rejected your submission.

Be understanding! We will not be able to publish everything that is sent our way. For one reason or another, some submissions will be rejected. We don’t gain anything by insulting people, and we will endeavor to make our rejection letters as constructive as possible – but it will happen, and it is never intended to offend anyone. Don’t take rejection personally.

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