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[Rogue Games] Colonial Gothic: Gazetteer is now ready for pre-orders
(Chicago & Toronto) February 20, 2010. Colonial Gothic: Gazetteer is now ready for pre-orders.

It is 1775.

The conflict between the American colonists and the British Parliament has come to a head at Boston. War seems inevitable. Behind the war, unseen hands move unknowing pieces, manipulating events according to ancient plans. Beside the war, ghosts and monsters walk the land and ancient curses run their course.

Welcome to the Thirteen Colonies.

In this book you will find maps and information covering each of the Thirteen Colonies, plus the Province of Maine and local native peoples, plus a short ready-to-play adventure, A Surprise for General Gage. A glossary explains unfamiliar terms both native and colonial, and a bibliography points to more detailed information on the colonies and their inhabitants.

Written by Graeme Davis, this book is your guide to the Thirteen Colonies. Filled with maps, adventure hooks, and other information, this book picks up were Colonial Gothic Revised left off, and begins exploring the world of Colonial Gothic.

You can order the Colonial Gothic: Gazetteer from the following places:

As is always the case, you buy the book you get the PDF for free, and that stands for the pre-order as well.

If you order direct from Rogue Games, you copy will be shipped to you on March 5, 2010.

So how much will this set you back?


What are you waiting for? Come visit the colonies.

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