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Polymancer Studios Corporate Division Offers Business Services to the Industry
New corporate division of successful publisher and printer offers editing, layout, marketing,web, fulfillment, and multimedia services.

(MONTREAL)—Polymancer® Studios (PMS) Corporate Division is offering a variety of discounted business services to companies working in the game hobby, small press publishing, and related industries. These services draw upon years of experience and considerable resources that have made the multimedia and publishing company a success.

The Problem: Not Enough Time to Do Things Right

Polymancer Studios Corporate Division offers these business services, recognizing that such essential needs as layout, editing, marketing, podcasting, videocasting, and finding the right printer take a lot of time. Most companies do not have the resources or the expertise to do all of these things at once, and do them right, especially if they would prefer to stay busy making great products.

Unfortunately, when most companies take care of their business needs themselves, they end up not reaching their own goals and deadlines, and they lose time that would be better spent on their product lines. Just look at any lackluster web site, uninspiring book layout, unenthusiastic marketing campaign, or poorly-edited book to see the results. These problems do not represent most companies’ quality standards. Rather, they are the results of expedient work, done on a budget.

The Outsourcing Option

In other industries, companies solve this problem the in another way, by hiring somebody to do it for them. That is great for companies that have the money for it. But outsourcing is an option that is out of reach for most.

The need is clear. Small press publishers who create fantastic, innovative products require affordable outsourcing solutions for business services that meet their needs. They need professional results that they cannot reach on their own, by a company that understands their situation.

The PMS Solution

Polymancer Studios Corporate Division offers the following business services at affordable prices, with complete details available at

  • Print and Publishing Consultancy: Finding the right printing solutions for everything from business cards to hardcover books, in quantities from 100 to thousands. Book storage and order fulfillment is available too. Bottom line, the best quality at the best price.
  • Layout and Design: Good, professional layout and design is an art. Just like artwork, readers appreciate it when they see a book that has been laid out by professionals. This can make the difference between a product being a sleeper or an award winner. Let the staff of PMS Corporate Division make your books look their very best, for print, PDF, and mobile reader platforms. Translation into French, Spanish, and other languages is also available.
  • Marketing: Effective marketing is a multi-pronged approach that requires dedication and persistence. PMS Corporate Division can work with you to create an effective marketing campaign, across many media and with all of the materials you need. Everything from press releases to viral videos is available.
  • Multimedia Services: Podcasts, videocasts, viral videos, interactive CDs and DVDs, are all things that make people say “cool” and the competition seethe with envy. They take time and expertise because when they are done wrong, they have the opposite of their intended effect. If you are serious about multimedia, then you need to outsource it to do it right. PMS Corporate makes it affordable.

All of these solutions and others are described in detail at the new corporate web site Send an e-mail to and ask what Polymancer can do for you.

About Polymancer Studios Corporate Division

Polymancer Studios Corporate Division is a full-service offset, digital/POD printer; independent publisher under its own imprint; publishing, layout, and graphic design service provider. PMS Corporate was created to capitalize on the combined expertise and talents of its diverse staff to offer professional business services to other companies as affordable solutions.


Polymancer Studios Corporate Division
925 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 180
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 0A5 (Canada)
(+1) 514-448-1807
Skype: Polymancer

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2010-02-18 14:07:55
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