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Issue: 22

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Strange World RPG Sneak Peek #2 ready for downloads
(Londonderry, NH) - It begins with odd knockings on the walls. Then, one night you hear footsteps upstairs. In the following nights it gets worse. The footsteps increase, and mysterious writings in blood appear on the walls in the morning. Everyone has heard the early noises, and you probably have rational explanations for them. But for some people, itís just the beginning of something much, much worse! The Strange World Sneak Peek #2 is now available for free download, and it tells you everything you need to know to add poltergeists to your RPG game!

The entire sneak peek is non-fiction, and packed with eye-opening details on the nature of poltergeists. It also tells you how to work these phenomena into your horror RPG. It is the actual Poltergeist section of the Strange World RPG, and shows how the game is laid out and written.

The sneak peek is complete with a host of facts, and details of how to work the spirits into your game. It also has an example storyline that you can use or take inspiration from.

"Iíve been studying ghosts and ghost hunting all my life," says Bradford Younie, President of Carnivore Games, "and now Iím proud to make some of my research available to the world." The Strange World role-playing game is a non-fiction horror game that is a must-have for paranormal buffs and gamers alike.

Visit for more details on Strange World and other Carnivore Games products.
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2006-06-25 09:57:15
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